Plan Analyze Create!


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Begin by crafting the look and feel of the site. You can do this by creating a visual structure to assist you as you are determining what would enhance usability, screen resolution and assure accessiblity of the website information intended for the viewer.

For more mind maps follow my link on the image.


Crafting your look and feel can begin by creating a storyboard and timeline for the project. When creating a storyboard it is necessary to decide what type format you plan to use: 

  • Linear
  • Tutorial
  • Web
  • Hierarchical
  • Cluster


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The design process begins withdeciding which program or application is best suited to accomplish tasks with ease. I often use Adobe CS5-SC6. 


Not just another leaf...

Designing the Perfect Website

Have you ever stopped to take time out of your busy schedule
to ponder the purposes of a leaf on a tree?

The leaf alone has little significance to the function of the entire tree. In the spring, the leaf sprouts from a small branch of the tree sometimes with blossoms or fruit. In the fall, it gracefully falls to the ground. For a short time in between those seasons it stands together with many other leaves forming lush greenery that gently sways with the breeze often providing shelter for small animals such as birds or squirrels.

Graphic artists and web designers are a lot like leaves on a tree. Each of us is uniquely individual with our own style and personality that is held together with one medium, the World Wide Web. Just as with leaves in the fall, a designer can easily get lost in the design process overwhelmed with decisions and choices. It is important to take time to ground yourself with a strong foundation in order to produce quality products that are competitive for today's marketing structure.

Whether you are a novice web designer or an experienced developer the principles of web design to create a functional website is a necessity. In this site, you will be provided with detailed information to assist you in the design process through design methodology.

"Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming after all is a form of planning." ~ Gloria Steinem American Writer 1935

Preparing & Planning Process 

When preparing for the planning process you must first develop a strategic plan by setting goals, developing a strategy, determining the vision, create a mission plan and gaining your objectives.